March 26, 2012 / 12,352 views / Multimedia | Windows

How To Play MKV With Windows Media Player

Normally, if we want to play MKV movies, we have to use VLC or others players besides Windows Media Player, now, we can install some codecs and we can use WMP (Windows Media Player) to play all movie containers. We need to download Media Player Codec Pack from CNET Matroska-Pack-lite from mkvcodec (since the one […]

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Ipad 3-Load Movies With Itunes

So, the iPad 3 just came out, 3 millions sold in 1 week, I got a hold of one, no waiting in line, no paying extra, $599 for 32Gb of internal storage space. It’s a beautiful unit, the first thing we want to do is to load some movies to see how it plays. Itunes […]

March 15, 2012 / 2,474 views / WordPress 3.2.1

rss error: WP HTTP Error: couldn’t connect to host

2013-09-03 After upgrading to 3.6 and when the server is slow, the problems happened again out of no where. This time, I’m going to fix it once an for all by using google feed burner. Replace all the internal direct feeds with feed burner ones. After upgrading WP to 3.3.1 on one of the blogs and […]