How To Play MKV With Windows Media Player

Normally, if we want to play MKV movies, we have to use VLC or others players besides Windows Media Player, now, we can install some codecs and we can use WMP (Windows Media Player) to play all movie containers. We need to download Media Player Codec Pack from CNET Matroska-Pack-lite from mkvcodec (since the one from CNET is no longer available), install it, set subtitle option, restart, and play. For low power netbooks, I recommend the Classic Media player, it’s solid and plays everything without hogging much resources.

codec pack     download

The codec installer does come with bundle software, select detailed installation to remove these bundled software.

detailed install     uncheck

select all     other bundled software

To make sure we have subtitle enabled with haali splitter, click start –>all programs–>Media Player-Codec Pack –> select Haali Splitter Config, make sure autoload VSfilter is “yes”.

Haali Splitter     autoload

When we play MKV with WMP, if it has embeded SUB, right click the Haali Splitter icon on the task bar, we should see all the subtitles,  select what to display and we should have subtitle on the screen.

select subtitle

For laptop, WMP sounds can be configured with more options compares to other players.

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