Ipad 3-Load Movies With Itunes

So, the iPad 3 just came out, 3 millions sold in 1 week, I got a hold of one, no waiting in line, no paying extra, $599 for 32Gb of internal storage space.

It’s a beautiful unit, the first thing we want to do is to load some movies to see how it plays. Itunes is a must to have to do the task. When we plug in the unit, Itunes recognize it and starts to do its stuff.

ipad 3     ipad 3

charger      fired up

connect to computer     Itunes sees iPad

Setting up     Setting up

In order to copy files from computer to iPad using iTunes, we need to add the files we want to load to iPad to library. We should add the whole folder of

movies or mp3 to the library, then we can click and drag the movies or mp3 to iPad folders.

add folder      add folder

Now we can click the library movies after iTunes updated the files, we should see all the movies in the folder we’ve added.  Just click the movies we want to drag to the iPad movies folder (ctrl + click will select individual movies together). The selected movies will be highlighted with thick blue borders.

drag 3 movies to iPad     iTunes copying

iPad movies folder     iPad 3 plays 1920x1080

iPad 3 can play 1080p movie without any problem.

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