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Add Shortcodes To Sidebar

Since WordPress is php based, in order to use shortcodes on the sidebar or anywhere on the theme, we have to use echo. <h2><?php echo do_shortcode(‘ catlist categorypage=yes excerpt=yes excerpt_size =255)]’); ?></h2> This is the shortcodes for catlist to list related posts in the same category on the sidebar for my single.php that I’m designing […]


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Video Encoding

Create Flash Videos Using Super

There are many free software out there to convert videos to flash video format like flv or swf for the website. I like the software SUPER the best. This is the way I set up and convert an hd movie 1280×720 recorded by my Panasonic camera. Well, first we need to install the program, then […]


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Re-sized Images Fail To Display On WordPress

I change and modify themes once in a while when I found some nice lay-out themes. Some themes cause my re-sized images NOT to display as the sizes defined in the editor WYSIWYG. It’s the CSS problem.      Open the css file and look for “.post img”, there are 2 settings can cause this problem. […]


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