Fix Youtube Iframe On Top Of Overlay Modals

2013-08-27 The new editor from WordPress automatically moves the height and width right after the link which causes the script NOT to work. I have to modify so that it will work as long as the height is set at 315 px as default with youtube HD. Now it will work with the new editor.

Add Shortcodes To Sidebar

Since WordPress is php based, in order to use shortcodes on the sidebar or anywhere on the theme, we have to use echo. <h2><?php echo do_shortcode(‘ catlist categorypage=yes excerpt=yes excerpt_size =255)]’); ?></h2> This is the shortcodes for catlist to list related posts in the same category on the sidebar for my single.php that I’m designing

Create Flash Videos Using Super

There are many free software out there to convert videos to flash video format like flv or swf for the website. I like the software SUPER the best. This is the way I set up and convert an hd movie 1280×720 recorded by my Panasonic camera. Well, first we need to install the program, then

Remove Babylon Search On Firefox And IE9

Babylon Search engine is installed in Firefox when you least expected from installing some software like Super video encoding. If you don’t know how to get rid of it correctly, it will come back every time you click a new tab or open a new Firefox browser. This is how I fixed mine. In the

Re-sized Images Fail To Display On WordPress

I change and modify themes once in a while when I found some nice lay-out themes. Some themes cause my re-sized images NOT to display as the sizes defined in the editor WYSIWYG. It’s the CSS problem.      Open the css file and look for “.post img”, there are 2 settings can cause this problem.