Set Up Trendnet Router With Comcast Cable Internet

So, when you’re tired of slow DSL and go with faster cable internet, you’ll get a new cable modem and you may have to buy or use your old router for wifi. I used the fast, full features, N-300, inexpensive Trendnet router for $39 instead of these more expensive brand names ones. The hook up

Beware Of Magix Software Products

Magix: Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus I had Magic Software Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus (MEP17Plus) for a while now, it’s an easy and OK movie editor software. Since I do format and changed operating systems often, even on the same computer, I couldn’t activate MP4 or MP2 features any more and there is no

Stream Home Videos With Toshiba Thrive Android

We now can play movies, pictures from any network computer in our home with Android Toshiba Thrive. All we need to have is the ES File Explorer apps from Google Play, I use the free version.

Install SSD On Lenovo G770 Laptop

2012-12-21 I got the hdd caddy to replace the DVD with the SSD, I took a chance and bought the one below. It works beautifully for less than $10. 12.7mm caddy for laptop The caddy doesn’t come with any instructions, but the pictures were printed on the caddy itself.      I have to remove the

Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 1TB Hard Drive Removal

Toshiba Canivo 1TB is a great portable drive, except the flimsy 3.0 USB connector at the drive itself. I had it for a few months now, I left the USB connector on the drive and put it in the computer case with all other hardware, the connector was bent and the connection was flaky. I