Install SSD On Lenovo G770 Laptop

2012-12-21 I got the hdd caddy to replace the DVD with the SSD, I took a chance and bought the one below. It works beautifully for less than $10.

SSD in

12.7mm caddy for laptop

The caddy doesn’t come with any instructions, but the pictures were printed on the caddy itself.

caddy     hdd spacer

I have to remove the hdd plastic spacer to have room to install the SSD, push the 2 tabs in to unlock and remove.

hdd spacer     SSD in

Place the plastic spacer back and lock it in place.

caddy spacer     ssd spacer

Now we can remove the DVD bay by removing the bottom screw.

dvd bay     dvd bay

Remove the screw bracket from the dvd bay and put it on the ssd caddy using screws that came with the caddy, make sure the orientation is correct.

caddy and dvd bay     screw bracket

Put the plastic dvd plate cover on the caddy and slide it to the DVD bay, put the screw back on and turn on the laptop, click F2 to select the boot drive.

plastic dvd plate cover     bios boot screen

Use F5/F6 to move the SSD up or down to select, hit F10 to save and exit.

SSD boot first

By using chameleon boot loader, I can boot windows 7 from the WDC750GB, windows 7 from SSD, Mountain Lion from WDC750GB, Lion 10.7.4 from SSD.

To activate the windows 7 from SSD, enter product key from the tag in the back of the Laptop.

2012-12-10 For encoding videos, all my program renders much slower than the normal hard drive.

tripleboot no SSD

Sometimes bios can’t see the SSD (we’re stuck) then sometimes it does (we’re in business)

SSD in bios

2012-12-07 The Lenovo Laptop got stuck at the boot – click F12 and the SSD doesn’t show up in the boot menu – just DVD and usb drive – The Crucial M4 SSD2 has the greatest and latest firmware G – Can’t return to NE for full refund, only for replacement – Read all the problems with SSD, this is normal – Turn off the power – restart a few times – It’s back – Windows 8 stuck in login mode – can’t get in at all – Bottom line – STAY AWAY from SSD and Windows 8 for now unless you have time to play with them- If anyone really wants to try Windows 8, partition 1- 40GB from windows 7 (because the windows 8 uses 12GB to load – I don’t know how from a 3GB DVD), install it and delete it later if you don’t want it any more. If you’re planning to delete – install – files and programs often – stay away from SSD – read it up from the internet – Yes, with SSD, wake up from sleep is instantaneous, loading programs is faster, but it doesn’t worth the trouble of reliability and stability.

All these Hybrid and Ultrabooks have these called SSD hard drive which are supposed to be ultra fast, lightning quick, whatever the case may be, I had to get one when it’s on sale to try out. Here is how I replaced my WDC 750 GB hard drive with a 128GB SSD. My first impressions, it doesn’t impress me at all in speed. I’ll leave it for a while, load Mountain Lion to see if it works well with both OS’.

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