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Yosemite 10.10.2 Update On Haswell HD4400

04/21/2015 Update 10.10.3 from 10.10.1 The new update for Yosemite is here 10.10.2. I updated it last night and my graphics card HD4400 (80860a16) doesn’t load. It was lagging, the backlight slider bar was gone. Insanelymac has an article on how to fix this QE/CI lost after the update. If you have an HP laptop, […]


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Create A Chameleon USB Boot Drive To Work With All OS X Installation USB Drives

Alright, many people got problems creating a chameleon USB boot drive for their OS X installation. I’ve tested a simple Chameleon R2588 version USB boot drive to work with OS X: Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion. I tested the boot with 3 OS Xs and 3 laptops: Sandy Bridge (2nd generation HD3000), Ivy Bridge (3rd […]


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