Create A Chameleon USB Boot Drive To Work With All OS X Installation USB Drives

Alright, many people got problems creating a chameleon USB boot drive for their OS X installation. I’ve tested a simple Chameleon R2588 version USB boot drive to work with OS X: Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion. I tested the boot with 3 OS Xs and 3 laptops: Sandy Bridge (2nd generation HD3000), Ivy Bridge (3rd generation HD4000) and Haswell (4th generation HD4400).

If you don’t have a Mac, you can try to create one with Windows.

All we need are 2 SMBIOS, macbookpro 9,2 and macbookpro 8,1.

For Ivy Bridge and Haswell, put SMBIOS.plist (macbookpro 9,2) in the Extra folder.

For Sandy Bridge, put SMBIOS.plist (macbookpro 8.1) in the Extra folder.

Inside the Extensions folder, there are 5 kexts:

FakeSMC.kext, AHCIPortInjector.kext, NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, VoodoooPS2.kext, genericXHCIUSB.kext


  1. you really suck. You give no reall direction and advice, with your video you don’t tell where you get you text from or what your typing, and you have two “extras” folders opened, from where to wherre? who knows! You copy extensions folder from one to the other with no explaination as to where your source is to where the destination is, and it freakin pisses me off. I can not follow along and I have tried several tiomes but you don’t make it clear as to what, where, how and why for each step. As far as I see it, your copying from your extra folder back into your extra folder the same thing, it doesnt make any sense at all because you don’t know how to instruct the proper way. You just go threw clicking on tabs, opening and changing pages, folders, files, selections and you give no exp-lainatino as to where, why, how to any of it. I don’t ever reply or comment to peoples faults, but this really has me agravated and I can not find anyone that can show the proper steps with detailed directions as to what to do and each step work out to a final product that will boot up, install and not fail.

    1. This is obsoleted, now it’s Clover or OpenCore

  2. Gode job on your web site

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