Build i7-5820k PC For Windows and Mac OS

  I like to build PC for Windows and Hackintosh. I found on Craigslist a Gigabyte X99-SLI motherboard and i7-5820k CPU combo for $150 which is quite fast. I got a cheap $75 Nvidia GTX 1060 for my daughter to play game and an AMD R9 280 to hackintosh with since macOS Big Sur doesn’t support GTX 1060. The case Thermal Take V100 was on sale at Fry’s for $29, the DDR4 RAM on amazon and SSD from Hynix 1TB was working perfectly. The Power supply from antec 550W which I had a long time ago which worked perfectly fine.

This gigabyte motherboard has M.2 NVME slots for both wifi and hard drive modules which is very nice. It fit in the case perfectly. The i7-5820k CPU has 6 cores 12 threads extremely potent and fast. My daughter doesn’t need to overclock to play games or working on Video editing software.

Install Big Sur on this one is quite easy using R9 280 AMD, it’s natively supported.


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