macOS Monterey 12.1 On HP EliteBook 820 SkyLake

The macOS Monterey 12.1 has been released and I tried it out on my hackintosh HP EliteBook 820 SkyLake and HP Envy 13 KabyLake, they both boot and work well successfully using Clover r5142 bootloader. I did try the OpenCore 0.7.6 but it broke my system.  The only problem with Monterey 12.1 is the DW1820 not working, I’ve tried everything, every patch, every way and none of them work. It works perfectly in Big Sur. The Big Sur has been running so well on all my hackintosh. The new features on Monterey only works with M1 chip from Apple new Macs. The only thing I like is the iOS mirroring using the laptop as airplay but since the WiFi and Bluetooth are not working, this feature also non existence. I’m not going to upgrade to Monterey, it’s more problems then it’s worth.

acpi_patched folder kexts_other monterey screen UEFI folder

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