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Record With Mixed Audio In Windows 7 and 8

These days, with new Windows 7 or Windows 8, depends upon which audio chipset driver is used, our mixed audio recording is gone out of the mixer. It’s actually hidden because it was disabled by the OS as default. So, why do we need this mixed audio recording? mixed audio recording is the ability to […]

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2013-03-07 For version 2.7 and 64 bit windows 7, we need to download and install MS Visual C++ 2010 to run or we will see this problem MFC100.dll missing. 2012-08-16 Need to download lossless 1.5.exe to activate lossless1.5 in version 2. May 25, 2012 Camstudio 2.6 installation full but can’t launch and the lossless 1.5 […]


Jalbum 10.3.1 For Website

July 14, 2012 For flash base full screen display – the best skin for this is Digital Photo Librarian. DPL3 setup 2012-04-14 I stumbled into jplayer and iPads and iPhones can play embedded music because it’s HTML5 and flash together. If you have iPads or iPhones check this out and let me know if it […]