Costco Night Owl CAM-AHD10-8 1080P Home Security Camera System

2017-05-29 I created a new video to help people to connect to the DVR remotely from outside the house using Night Owl HD CMS apps.

For those who can’t seem to get this to work with AT&T U-verse modem and wifi combo, you must add the device into the AT&T firewall pinholes option.

AT&T Router Firewall Pinhole Settings

3 years ago I got a Night Owl Security Camera Box for my house and one of the camera port no longer records. Costco has one box on sale for $299 with 4HD cameras and 1080p recording, so I got one to try out. Costco has 2 years warranty on this box.

The 1080P camera don’t display as clear as the 480p I had on line, but the recording videos did come out much clearer due to 720p. The 1080P recording only at 15fps while 720p is 30fps, I prefer the 720p @ 30fps.

The set up is easy, but the video play back files are not playable with any player on Mac OS X, only playable with the Night Owl HD CMS. Windows OS has the software called AVI Generator (PC) that can convert downloaded video “.rf” to ‘.avi’ . So this could be a break deal for people who only have Mac.

The iOS and Android apps work perfectly without any problems. I installed both on my iPhone 6, iPad 4 and Toshiba Android Pad. I prefer to set up with static ip instead of dhcp and make sure to find out what your ip address and use the ISP ip address to access remotely (away from home) with all the apps.

Importantly, make sure to configure port forwarding in the router for both port 9000 and 2049 for remote access. Make sure the ip address is the box address (static).


Costco Night Owl CamAHD10-8-Home Camera Security System

router port forwarding

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  • I’m trying to install those DVR/ Cameras but the net cable isn’t working. I don’t find the firmware at NightOwl site. Have you had this file, yet? I’m from Brazil and don’t have how to ask an American company to install this for me.

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