How To Connect Half Mini Pcie Wifi – Bluetooth Combo Card to Desktop PCI-E Slot

These days, it’s hard to find wifi – bluetooth combo for desktop without paying a lot for it, especially the ones that supported by Mac OSX if we have a Mac Wanna Be. The half mini pcie wifi – bluetooth combo for laptops are sold everywhere. So, the best is to get one and use Fenvi Desktop card adapter model FV101. It’s very easy to install and everything was supplied with the box.

Fenvi FV101 half mini to PCI-E card adapter     PCI-E Slot on motherboard

Fenvi FV101 plugged in PCI-E Slot     USB Bluetooth plugged into the USB header

I bought the BCM943225HMB for $14 and the FV101 for $14 and everything works perfectly. If you want dual band 2.4Ghz & 5.0Ghz wifi you can get the BCM94352HMB and bluetooth 4.0 instead.

  1. Hallo, I installed this in my machine and it keeps rebooting when I shut it down.

    1. Check your wifi module, it may be bad

  2. Hello! I would like to ask. Are the cards you’ve mentioned compatible with macOS High Sierra? Thank you!

    1. Dualband will work since I’m using it right now for my laptop

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