Edimax EW-7438RPn WiFi Extender

Edimax EW-7438RPn WiFi Extender.

We have two story house, the router is in the middle room on the second floor, we can’t get good WiFi signals in the patio and the family room. I got this unit from NE for $26. Tried it and it works.

Need to get the new instruction and firmware 1.13 from the Edimax website.


I used my laptop to connect to the unit using supplied RJ45 ethernet cable. We have to wait for all the lights to come on before we can talk to the unit through Ethernet cable. Turn on the unit with the button on the side.



Open a browser and type the ip address: and login with admin + 1234 password (change the password in the advanced admin area). Select the wifi network available (even your neighbors show up) to connect. It will create a name for its network which includes original network name + the unit code, so it’s very easy to identify. So, I plug the unit in the wide open space in the living room, the router is upstairs in the middle of the house. I went to the patio with my laptop for a drink and test, this is how it came out, NO internet my original network and internet with Edimax, amazing isn’t it. Although, the connection is slower than normal, but because I was in the patio (backyard).




Just follow the instruction downloaded from the internet, I recorded the set up using Ethernet cable. Yes, we can use wifi connection to access the unit also. I like the hard wire for setting up stuff.

Update Firmware

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  • That’s nice, Its not too much costly, Its cheap and it is doing its job fine.

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