Orbi RBK50 vs TP-Link Deco x60 Wifi 6

I’ve been using Orbi RBK50 mesh wifi with a RBS50 satellite for many years now. Since I subscribed to Sail Internet, I could use the Orbi as Router again. Costco had TP-Link Deco x60 WiFi 6 on sale for $199/3 piece and I tried them. The Deco x60 is great for my house although if I put 3 pieces, the WiFi at some parts of the house was much slower than 2-Piece configuration. Therefore, it beats the benefit of having 3 piece so I returned the set. The speeds on both Orbi and Deco are similar even with WiFi 6, my iPhone tests came out with the same speed. I like the Orbi because it has 3 Gb-ports while Deco x60 only has 2.

Orbi Speed Test Deco x60 Speed Test

Orbi RBK50 Deco X60

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