How To Mount R/W NTFS USB hard drive in Big Sur

Since Big Sur security is too tight, I can’t anymore. So I found a way on the internet to mount external USB NTFS hard drive to write and read from it, sometime it works, sometimes it doesn’t .. I still need to install macFuse and to install ntfs-3g but I need to use different command to mount the external NTFS partition. 

brew tap gromgit/homebrew-fuse

brew install --cask macfuse

brew install ntfs-3g-mac

  • After installed everything, turn on show all files and copy the whole directory 2021.8.22 from usr/local/Cellar/ntfs-3g-mac/ to the /User/louis/ and rename it to anything easy to access like “ntfs”

2021.8.22 folder rename 2021.8.22 to ntfs

  • Plug in the USB NTFS hard drive.
  • Use diskutil list to find out the disk and partition. After we find the disk and partition, then UNMOUNT the partition then type the command (assuming the partition is disk3s1)

sudo ~/ntfs/bin/ntfs-3g -o auto_xattr  /dev/disk3s1 /Volumes/NTFS

macFUSE installed NTFS_partition

  • The macFUSE volume will appear.

FUSE NTFS mounted

When the partition is mounted, I can use Image Capture app to import iOS photos to the NTFS USB hard drive without any problem.

import Photos from iOS to NTFSNTFS partition mounted with macFUSE

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