Increase In 404 Pages On… Google Bots

I received multiple “Increase in 404 pages on ‘mywebsite'” messages from Google Search Console after I’ve created new responsive theme for my blogs. I had no idea how to fix, tired of searching the answer without any solutions. I decided to check all my style.css and sure enough, the ones I used on the reported blogs had some errors. The errors were from commenting the unused part NOT fully due to many comment tag “/*” “*/”, some canceled out each others. When I removed all the comment tags, there isn’t any more report 404. The CSS caused the website to create a link to a url with title “/<div = /%3Cdiv” or “/<li = /%3Cli” whichever the case may be.

Google Search Console 404 report     z_errors
z_%3Cli      z_%3cdiv
z_%3Cli_li      z_%3cdiv_div
bracket switched places

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