Multi-page Toolkit Plugin For WordPress

I want to split a long tutorial post into many pages with link titles for easy navigation, let’s try this one. Make sure after installing this plugin, we need to fix the 404 error caused by this plugin.


Add the codes in “index.php”. The plugin has short cuts built in tinyMCE editor which makes it very easy to use.

multipage toolkit multipage toolkit

Just navigate to any part of the page to split, click the “next page” icon, then “page title” icon, enter the page name, and the page name is the for the content BEFORE this line NOT AFTER.

multipage toolkit

When finish, just select the options settings for how the page will look. This setting is for this blog.

view all and dropdown display for viewall dropdown

other settings and displays

setting1 display setting1

setting 2 display setting 2

setting 3 display setting 3

setting 4 display setting 4

We can try many other settings, but the dropdown view all is the best one for now.

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