LG Optimus F6 T-Mobile Android Smart Phone

We moved our cell phone service to T-Mobile and we got ourselves some LG Optimus F6 smart phones. They’re very good phones but  have very little internal memory capacity. I’m going through the use of  this nice and inexpensive phones.

The phone size is good, 4.5″ screen which is almost as big as the new iPhone 6 (4.7″) but only costs $80 at T-Mobile. The users only have 1.27GB of total memory for apps and data which is very little with so many apps these days. The first thing we need is a MicroSD card (8-32GB) for external memory for pictures, videos and any data that can be transferred from the internal to external memory. We got some nice colorful cases for our phones.


[title]How To Add Or Remove Apps From Home Screen[/title][body]

We have about 4 screens that we can put apps on for easy access.


[title1]How To Set Up Wifi (Data and Calling) and Bluetooth Pairing[/title1][body1]


[title2]How To Install External Memory Micro SD Card[/title2][body2]

How to install a 32GB Micro SD Card to LG Optimus F6 Phone.


Make sure all pictures and videos taking from the phone are stored in the external Micro SD Card.

Click camera–>settings–>storage–>SD card is checked.


[title3]How To Transfer Files To/From Windows 8.1 or Mac OS X[/title3][body3]

Windows 8.1

Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.


[title4]How To Set Up Hotspot[/title4][body4]

When we’re going on a long trip, in the car, we can set up the phone to be a wifi hotspot for the kids to surf the internet or play games required internet with laptops, iPod Touch, iPads or Android Pads.


[title5]How To Use Google Voice Dictation With Different Languages[/title5][body5]

Android Google Voice supports many languages, and the best thing is it does spell other languages besides English correctly.


[title6]How To Move Apps To External Micro SD Card on Mac OS X Without Rooting[/title6][body6]


[title7]How To Move Apps To External Micro SD Card  By Rooting and Link2SD App[/title7][body7]


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