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How To Root And Use Link2SD On LG Optimus F6 Android Phone

Alright, I decided to root and use link2SD apps to see if I can install more big apps on my LG Optimus F6 Android phone that only comes with 1.27GB of space. I like to play Plants Vs Zombies 2 which is 500MB, Fruit Ninja (100MB), and some other games. Although, rooting and moving apps […]

Android Smart Phones

LG Optimus F6 T-Mobile Android Smart Phone

We moved our cell phone service to T-Mobile and we got ourselves some LG Optimus F6 smart phones. They’re very good phones but  have very little internal memory capacity. I’m going through the use of  this nice and inexpensive phones. The phone size is good, 4.5″ screen which is almost as big as the new […]

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How To Tranfer Files From LG Optimus F6 to Windows and Mac Laptops

I just got an Android phone LG Optimus F6 from T-Mobile and I started to play with it. The first thing is to have files transferred in/out of my Windows 8.1 and Mac Yosemite laptops. For Windows, it’s very simple, but for Mac OSX, I have to download the Android File Transfer for it to […]