Lightdow LD6000 Wifi 1080P Action Camera

Every year we went to Cancun and every year we have to get a new waterproof camera, we’ve been using Panasonic , and they both failed miserably regardless on how we followed their instructions and cared for the cameras. We saw Gopro has the little camera with the waterproof case and it seems solid and logical for using in the water, but the price is a little too high. We found the alternative after reading about the quality of the lens and the video chipset. Gopro uses the expensive high quality Ambarella chipset and Lightdow LD6000 uses Novatek which may be a little less high resolution, but it came out really well. Many Chinese Gopro’s alternatives use Chinese chipsets which has less quality images than the Novatek and Ambarella to achieve cheaper prices. LD6000 packages with many types of devices mounts. One good thing about lightdow camera is that it uses the same battery as many other brands, so it’s easy to replace dead batteries. 

Since the Lightdow LD6000 are much cheaper than Gopro, Panasonic and Fuji, I got 2 to try on our ski trip, the video quality is amazing and they gave us extra batteries in the package. Each battery can record for over an hour at least. The sound is amazing even inside the waterproof case. We found our camera for the beach trip this year. It also can be used for car which we use daily. Very versatile and inexpensive.

The LD6000 has wifi capability which allows us to connect to a smart phone to control the camera, I’m not sure if it’s really beneficial in the water, but if you put the camera on the helmet, then it’s a must. LD4000 has the same quality and functions but doesn’t have Wifi. The wifi app is FinalCam.

Lightdow LD6000 Camera Package     USB connection to PC as storage

LD6000 Wifi connection     iOS FinalCam View

LD6000 in waterproof case mounted on a headband

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