Lion 10.7.1 On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge HD3000 Laptop

And always use portable drive to install before internal hard drive. For Realtek id 0139 card reader isn’t supported, a USB SD card reader is handy.

2012-04-05 The new and easier way to install Lion 10.7.3 is here.

After weeks of trials and errors, with tons of readings and editings, I got the Lion 10.7.1 on my Lenovo G770 17.3″ i5 2410M Sandy Bridge working. Here are the videos for software that can be used on this Hackintosh. I can say it’s 99% functional (the 1% is the SD card reader is not working).

Dual boot with Windows 7 using Chameleon

imovie HD is functional

DVD Player is functional (the reason for not showing the images because screen recording is ON)

VLC is functional with 1080P blue-ray mts movie (the reasons for stuttering is because screen recording is ON)

Miro is functional with HD TV

HDMI output with LION

Wifi and Ethernet are fully functional with WEP-WPA-WPA2-AES

Sleep works on both screen and hard drive

15 thoughts on “Lion 10.7.1 On Lenovo G770 i5 Sandy Bridge HD3000 Laptop”

  1. Thats awesome, but i can start any of the instalations disk iAtkosL1(lion) or iBoot with original SL disk, crash every time at boot, can you help me? my notebook is the same model as yours, thanks in advice

  2. I want to get a new laptop soon since mine is old. I am very happy with my 3000 n100, but it is 5 years old.

    What was the exact model number of yours because Lion runs so well on it. I cannot seem to find the right one on their website.

    If you can give me a link to buy it that would be great. Good job on this, I am glad someone was able to find a good pc notebook to use for a lion hackintosh finally.

    1. I think it doesn’t matter what model # you’re buying, just look for what’s inside the laptop. Things to look for to make Snow Leopard or Lion to work are : Graphics HD3000 (id = 01168086) this will give you full QE/CI/CL, Ethernet Atheros 8152/8158 (id 20621969), Wifi Atheros 9285 (id = 002b168c), card reader realtek (id = 0138OBDA NOT 0139OBDA) like mine doesn’t have support right now. Go to Fry’s electronics or Best Buy and ask salesperson to show your these components. My exact model is the 17″ Lenovo G770 10372LU. They may not have any left, because on the website they sell 8GB ram instead of 4GB ram like mine.

      1. I’m looking at the Lenovo G570 Laptop – 43345JU because it is cheaper and has the 15 inch screen which I like for portability. I cannot seem to find if the wifi is Atheros. On the most detailed technical specifications it just says broadcom or atheros chip. I have a bcm4311 (broadcom) or something like that on my current laptop and it has support so I probably will be fine. If you could look at it that would be really cool. The ethernet, graphics, processor all work. I am not worried about the card reader, my current one is not supported in os x so I just always boot into windows to use it.

        If the wifi is the right one I’m going for it because I love my current laptop and I know lenovo makes good stable machines.

      2. I’m sorry none of the specs would say what device id it is. The only way to be sure is to go to the store and ask the salesperson to check it for you. Every model use whatever the cheapest and available device for their products at the time, you want to be sure the one you get is built with the device that works with snow leopard and lion, because if you get the right one, you have a great MACBOOK for a very inexpensive price.

      3. Hi, I ended up buying that laptop and got lion installed. I didn’t need special dp4 graphics kexts or anything and I am reinstalling to stop the stupid bluetooth keyboard/mouse thing(forgot to install voodoops2 before). The only problem I have is with the Atheros card. I have the exact same one you do with the exact same device id. I added the id to the IO80211 kext or something like that and it recognized the card and found all the networks around me but I could not connect to any of the networks. Did you use a special kext or something. Or did you modify your dsdt? If you used a special kext can you upload it for me. I have mine working 99% also haha

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