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List Category Posts Plugin For WordPress

List category posts plugin let us to list the post within the category. Normally we would put the plugin code in the end of post to list the posts within the category. The parameters show options for the codes. So this post will be listed under plugins category, at the end of this post we will list all the posts within this category and the codes will be:

[‘catlist categorypage=yes numberposts=5] or we can use the category name.

[‘catlist name=plugins numberposts=4] remove the ‘ before catlist. or if we know the id of the category

[‘catlist id=31 numberposts=0 = maximum] to find catid, just go to dashboard-categories-click the category we want to find id, it will show up in the url bar.

The default for numberposts = 5 in the php file. If we want to change to maximum so that we don’t have to add parameter “numberposts” every time and just use “categorypage=yes” is more convenient and easier to remember, we need to modify “5” to “0”

edit php and set 0

*categorypage parameter used with number of posts =5

*name=plugins number of posts = 4

*id=31 numberposts=0 = all


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