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Looking For The Best Ultrabook For Hackintosh

February 1, 2019 | 1,127 views |

I’ve been using MacWannaBe for many years, all my Windows PC or Laptops have macOS installed on them. My newest laptop is Dell Inspiron 7352 i7-5500u Broadwell (HD5500), others are HP x360 15-011DX (HD4400), HP M7-J120DX (HD4600), HP 4-1117NR (HD4000),Lenovo G-770 (HD3000)

All the laptops are still reliable and working, but I think it’s time to get a new ultrabook for longer battery, better graphics and more efficient CPU.

I’ve been reading up on CPUs, the best sweet spot right now is the i5-8250u 4 cores, 8 threads which is much faster than the i5-8200Y or i5-7200u. There are quite a few used 7th gen on Craigslist with good price but since the 8th Gen came out, I no longer want the 7th gen.

I’ve been using Dell and HP, so looking at only 13″ the Dell Inspiron 7370 and XPS 9360 or the HP Spectre x360 13t or 13-ae010ca. What we need now is the Thunderbolt ports or USB-C.

– Dell Inspiron 7370 is better built than the 5379 but more expensive with USB-C, the weight is heavier than XPS 9360. The batter doesn’t last as long.

– XPS 9360 has problem with noise and camera is at bottom of the screen instead of the top – lighter than 7370 and battery last longer.

Spectre x360 13-ae010ca is the best of all since it has 2 thunderbolts, micro SD, 1 USB 3.1 and it’s touchscreen + longest lasting battery, lighter than all and the price is less than Dell. It does come with pen and USB-C to HDMI dongle. The 13″ doesn’t have removable WIFI module like others, so, hackintosh for this 13″ Spectre is out of the question because we need to replace with DW1560 or DW1830 for hand off and wifi supports.

Finally I found the HP Envy 13-AD010NR that’s light, solid and has replaceable WIFI module.

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