How To Root And Use Link2SD On LG Optimus F6 Android Phone

Alright, I decided to root and use link2SD apps to see if I can install more big apps on my LG Optimus F6 Android phone that only comes with 1.27GB of space. I like to play Plants Vs Zombies 2 which is 500MB, Fruit Ninja (100MB), and some other games. Although, rooting and moving apps to External Micro SD card, their data is still in the internal memory, therefore, rooting and using apps only help some, but not fully. Rooting these days is pretty safe and easy, just follow the instructions carefully.



  • I have. T-Mobile LG-D500. I need to root and what ever else that is needed to get more memory on this phone. And I need to do it asap. I really don,t no much about computers or android programing. So saying for dummies is a under- statment. Could someone please explain how to do this in detail ,please desperate. Don,t know how to transfer files ,how to save or anything ,thank you.

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