Toshiba Thrive Honeycomb 3.1 Tablet

So, I have 7 days to return and since I don’t buy any extended warranty, last night, I had to test everything to make sure they work: internet, gps, usb, sd port, and I haven’t tested the HDMI, it works. The amazing thing is the usb hard drive and mx video player plays mkv, avi, mpg, mp4, m4v and the original player does play mp4, m4v extremely well. The file system is great, just like “my computer”, I can see my files on the SD, USB drive and the internal memory. It’s amazing. The best thing is the SD card, I don’t need an adapter like the mini-SD, I never remember to bring them anywhere.

usbcable      usb external hard drive files

Secure Digital Card (SD and NOT mini-SD = NO need SD adapters)

The port is on the top-right corner of the tablet, to plug in, the front SD is facing me. How do I format my SD card? exFAT, yes because I want to put some files bigger than 4GB, the only draw back is that I can’t use this SD card in XP OS computer, come to think of it, I can plug the tablet in my XP computer with the USB cable and I can transfer files to the SD card. Now if we go to “file manager” we can copy, paste, delete, cut from one place to another, sometimes the file manager does force close itself… 🙁

copy files     copy files

I tried to copy movies files from External USB drive to External SD card and it doesn’t copy any files over 2GB although my SD card is formatted with exFAT, either this is a bug of file manager software or honeycomb itself. Anyhow, I downloaded “file manager HD” and I can transfer bigger files now. I think it’s faster to remove the SD card and use PC/laptop to transfer files.

Now both external memory ports are verified working, next we want to check HDMI.

Just plug it in and it works, no problem there.


Everything seems to work right out of the box, that’s Toshiba quality and truly designed and built for consumers, just like iPads 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Toshiba Thrive Honeycomb 3.1 Tablet”

  1. Marilyn Covert

    I own a Toshiba Thrive Tablet, 10 in. Model AT100, I bought it new 3 years ago, I had it for about 9 months and it was working great! Then all of a sudden 1 day it just stopped, “Black Screen”, I did the factory reset on it finally, you know, Power Button + Volume Button and all that and wiped all data, now for the past 2 years it does power on (When Fully Charged) but it seems to be within a Loop and COMPLETELY Stuck In Boot Mode! it will not boot all the way up, I can’t even see any interface or settings at all for that matter! I have left it plugged into the power and turned on for no less than 3-4 days at a time! Nothing! Just keeps a blue, ring going around and around on the screen! I have heard before something about the firmware needing to be upgraded, but how am I supposed to do anything to it without being able to fully boot-up or find the correct build numbers and all the other info I need from going into the settings to retrieve such info? Please! Help! Iam at the end of my rope with this, but I cannot just let it go, because when I bought it I had to lease to own and I have sunk around $900.00 into it to pay it off, Plus I just Freaking Loved the Damn Thing! Please e-mail me if you can provide me with any information or idea what steps I can take. Thank You So Much For Your Time, ~marilyncovert~

    1. Dear Marilyn,
      I’ve had that kind of problem before, or until now, I don’t really know how to help you with this one. You can try to Google Thrive forum and ask the experts there. My son still has the Thrive, but he seldom uses it. It’s been so reliable. //

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