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Unknown error (invalid-json)
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Unknown error (invalid-json) WordPress Login

For some unknown reasons, when I tried to log into WordPress to edit or add posts, the screens came up with “Unknown error (invalid-json). Please contact an administrator for more info.”. I tried my test blog without the BWP reCaptcha and I could log in without any problem. So I renamed the plugin and voila, the error message is gone and I can log in without any problems. This problem also exist in the comment section, we also need to remove the option for the comment if we want to use this.

Unknown error (invalid-json) Rename BWP reCaptcha plugin

uncheck comment option bwp-reCAPTCHA

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2 Comment

  1. Hello,
    My name is Olivier.
    I have exactly same problem . I do not understand how you do this :
    “I tried my test blog without the BWP reCaptcha ”
    I cannot login, so I wonder very hard how you changed some settings.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hello Oliver,
      log into cpanel, rename the bwp recaptcha plugin by adding a 1 at the end.

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