Upgrade SP SSD 1TB on X360 15-u011dx Haswell HD4400

Since the SSD 1TB started to drop in prices, I got one for my J120dx before, the brand is Silicon Power and it’s quite reliable and fast- Ace A55 from Amazon for less than $100.

  • There are 14 screws need to be removed from the back – 2 hidden under rubber feet.
  • Remove the keyboard from the top, to release the lock tabs, pry it outward and up to remove.
  • Lift the keyboard plate slowly and slide it up to the screen to expose the hard drive, not too high because of the cables connected.
  • Remove the hard drive flat cable by lifting the black lock upward carefully not to break, the lift the cable out of the socket.
  • Remove 2 screws securing the hard drive case and lift it up slowly out of the slot.
  • Lift the rails out of the hard drive pins and replace with the SSD.
  • Remove the power and data connector from the old drive and put on the SSD.
  • Put back and close everything.


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