2004 Audi Cabiolet 83k Miles Impression

We got a used 2004 Audi Cabriolet last year @ 71k miles, now it has 83k miles on it, how do we like it?

1. We love the car, solid, no cowl shakes, rattles, quiet and stable as a hard top A4.

2. Cost of driving 12k miles: besides gas – $10.00 (we will give it an oil change soon – but we do check the oil level every month – added 1 quart), brake light burnt out ($5).

3. Antenna cable fix: it’s a bad design which happens to all cabriolets.

4. Battery died once mysteriously, re-charged the battery: turn off the Auto (light switch) and unplug the trunk lights – never happens again since.

5. Gas mileage: 24-26 mpg combo.

We always follow 1 simple rule which helps all our Audis to last a long time and cost very little to drive: If it works, don’t fix it and if you’re going to fix non-broken car, watch out where you take it to.

04 cabriolet

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