A4 Cabriolet Brake Bulb Replacement

2012-04-07 – The left brake bulb burnt in Dec 11, and now the right side went out. I think the electrical system on the A8 was much better. Anyhow, since I documented this page, it took me less than 10 minutes to replace the bulb with just a Philip screw driver.

screw cover     screw

Philips screw driver     the long screw

Again, remove the side light assembly cover, slide the assembly to the right slowly and firmly after the screw taken out, the whole assembly will slide out.

side plastic cover     cover remove

back light     old brake bulb

Push while turning the bulb counter clockwise to remove and clockwise to install.

Slide the the assembly back from right to left, make sure the right side hook is in place, align the screw sockets together and push the screw and tighten it, don’t need to over tighten the screw, it’s not going anywhere, too hard will strip the plastic threads. Put back the plastic cover, it’s very hard to get all the plastic snap-ons in place, good luck on that, don’t break the flimsy hooks.

flimsy hooks snap-on

So, the brake light warning light is on and one of the 3 brake lights must be out. It was the driver side one. It’s not as simple as all the other cars, just open the cover and twist the socket, we need to do more than that. We need a good size Philips (+) screw driver or a socket wrench. We used the screw driver. The whole back light assembly is held to the car by a snap-on socket and a screw to the body. We need to remove the back light assembly to get to all the bulb sockets.

brake light is out     warning light is on

cover     Philips screw driver

Make sure the screw is totally out, pull it out clear the other end (not taken out completely), we need to slide the light assembly side way (perpendicular direction to the side body outward) slowly and firmly, not to hard, we may ding or scratch the car when it came out. Look at the snap-on socket to have an idea how to slide it out of the retaining pin.

slide outward to remove     where the screw mate

light assembly out     light assembly out

Here is the socket and retainer pin on the body and the bulb replacement number 7225 at Autozone (it’s different from signal bulbs).

socket and assembly retainer pin     number 7225 bulbs

Twist off the bulb socket, remove the bulb and replace it a new one, put it back. There is a black plastic cover, which needs to be put on before sliding back the light assembly back to the retainer pin and the screw assembly. It’s a good idea to check the new bulb, make sure it works before putting everything back together.

replace bulb     put it back

nice and tight     put the platic cover

align socket and pin     side flush

When the side is flush with the light assembly, it’s almost the same alignment for the screw automatically, go in the back and start screwing it in.

everything is flush      when things are flush

put back the cover     warning light is gone

$4.99 for 2 bulbs (1 is spare now) and 15 minutes.


  • I have a audi a4 1.8T convertible and the door lights and the roof lights above driver and passenger sun visor don’t work

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