2008 Q7 @ 52k Miles – DIY

Q7 MK1 3.6L Oil change at 65k miles.

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I haven’t written much about our 2008 Q7 all these years because nothing has ever been broken. Oil change every year or 15k miles is not very exciting to write. Many people would say nothing is wrong with the car because I don’t drive and it sits in the garage always. It doesn’t matter if I drive little or not, it has 52k miles and it’s been in the snow and rain every year since new. The reasons it’s been reliable because the car is well built and I don’t take it to the dealers or shops for maintenance since the 4 years 50k miles maintenance contract had been done. I’ve been changing oil only since. 

Everything is original even the brakes – I do drive mostly freeway, but the way I drive is very conservative. Regardless, it’s been 9 years, I didn’t even have to replace any light bulbs or battery. The car starts right up, drive smoothly, yes, I do give it the Italian tune up, rev it to red line when the engine is warmed up when we get on the freeway, using the Tiptronic so it doesn’t go pass the speed limit.

I use Mobil 1 for the car since it guarantees 15k miles interval and the car doesn’t consume any oil at all. 

I would change the spark plugs at 55k miles, but here are the simple things I do with my Q7. The engine only break if it’s low on oil, so make sure the oil is always full.

Oil Change Procedure I Use

Tools: 32mm socket and , hex bit #6 with long extension, 18mm box wrench or similar.

Oil filter #021 115 561 B

Q7 Oil Filter 021 115 561 B     Q7 Oil Filter NAPA Gold 1212

Air Filter # 7L0 129 620 A

Q7 Air Filter 7L0 129 620 A     Q7 Air Filter ECOGARD

Will replace spark plugs @ 55K miles


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