A6 C4 AC Controller Bulb Replacement

Our Ac controller display went dead. We had to replace the bulb and this is how we did ours.

a6bulbs a6acbulbs

We need to remove the face plate and the control unit out to replace the bulb(s) in the back of the controller. Pry the left and right sides of the wooden plate slowly and carefully.

a6acbulbs a6acbulbs

There will be a hex bolt on each side that need to be removed to take out the controller.

a6acbulbs hex bolt

hex bolt a6acbulbs

a6acbulbs a6acbulbs

We changed our using Orange base = 1.1 w makes the display brighter.

a6acbulbs a6acbulbs

Put back everything in and the AC controller is bright and good as new.


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