Audi Cabriolet First Week Impression

It’s been a week since we got our 04 Audi Cabriolet, my wife misses the comfort and stability of the A8 while driving the cabriolet. It’s obvious that 2 cars are totally different, in both sizes and build. We both like to drive the cabriolet, it’s nimble, quiet, solid, comfortable and very easy to drive because of its size. The car feels heavy and stable for a small car. Wind noise is practically none when the top is up. The car is quick, responsive and smooth with the Multitronic CVT transmission. The 3.0 litter is so powerful, it pulls the car easily and effortlessly through all ranges. We try to avoid turbos and supercharged engines, simplicity always is more reliable and easy to maintain. We drove for 334 miles city and freeway and fill up again is 13.77 gallons (24Mpg). The gas mileage is great on this car especially with 221hp 3.0L V6. The power top is nice and easy to operate, the wind deflector is a must to have while driving any convertible if you don’t want the wind to blow through the car so much. It is a joy to drive the Audi A4 Cabriolet. We love the car.

04 cabriolet

All cars have their own problems, I read a lot of problems on the forum about the CVT transmission failures, but until it happens, we will enjoy our car.



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