e-Golf Flat Fix – Must Know

e-Golf doesn’t come with spare tire or even a lug wrench to remove the wheels. They expect the flat must be fixed at a shop of some sort. The car does come with a quick fix container and an air pump. The flat fix container has liquid epoxy in it, we need to put it in between the pump and tire valve so the air will carry the liquid to the inside of the tire and seal it temporarily. Yes, it does work but with a price, the wheel will be unbalanced due to the glob of glue inside the tire unevenly. The glue will also make the valve stuck so we can’t even put air in it. The tire will be unusable and we need to replace the new tire which costs more. The best is to pump it up and drive with a slow leak to the tire shop and hope they can patch it for $10 like Costco tire center. Sometimes, the nail punctured a hole close to the edge of the tire and the shop won’t do it due to safety issue. We can if we choose to do so. So, before you decided to use the slime or quick fix flat container from any where, think twice.

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