90% max charged

How To Charge e-Golf 90% Max Manually

The charging system on e-Golf is extremely confusing, it has the e-manager that set the departure time and won’t let you to charge immediately until the software let the system to charge. The problem is you can only set the maximum battery charging capacity in this e-manager. I actually read this tip from VW e-Golf group at Facebook from someone there, credit should go to that person. Anyhow, you can immediately charge the car as soon as you plug it in, with 2 condition, minimum charging in setting has to be the same as the maximum set in the e-manager, check the e-manager profile and it will immediately charge the car as long as your battery is below the minimum % setting. The best is setting 90% maximum for battery longevity.

  1. You have to set a departure time in order to set maximum charge?

    1. For maximum charge, you don’t need to set departure time, just use the setting at 100%

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