No Heat On A8 D3

My A8L is still functioning extremely well, although it’s getting close to 100k miles, I’m prepare for things to break. As I read on the forum, “No Heat” seems to be a problem if it exist and this time A8 D3 is a little more complicated and costly compares to the 96 A6 problem. Check and replace the heater control valve (4E0959617A), it can be tested in the car.



  • hello, my son somehow short circuited the fuse on my Audi where the charger no longer charges the cell phone. I’m trying to locate the the fuse to replace it but it doesn’t seem to be documented properly. can anyone please assist me as to where which fuse in the fuse box severs this function? My Audi is 2012 A8.
    I’d sincerely appreciate your assistance

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