How To Add Aftermarket Back Up Camera To 2016 Audi Q5 Premium Plus

Audi marketing people really go out to get consumer this time. My sister bought a “budget” $45k sticker price 2016 Audi Q5 premium plus WITHOUT a simple safety feature as back up camera which should be standard on all SUVs. She has to buy a package that includes Navigation to get this back up camera for $4000 which she refused because she didn’t need the Navigation, her iPhone 6 would be efficient. Anyhow, I ordered a back up camera package from China for $250 shipped in 2 days. It’s not hard to install, just tedious work. It took us a long time to do because there’s no clear information on the web to show how to remove stuff from the car. I documented everything we did and here the process.

Q5 Aftermarket back up camera resolution     Q5 Aftermarket back up camera CAN bus display

Q5 aftermarket backup camera night vision quality

1. To drop the glove box, there are 7 screws inside the box, 2 under the box and one on the right side by the fuse box and they’re all 8MM heads.

Q5 glove box 7 inside screws location     Q5 glove box 2 bottom screws location

Q5 glove box 1 fuse box screw location

2. The handle in the rear lid has 2 lock tabs, one on each side, must be pressed in for the handle to come out, we didn’t know, we pried it from the front and broke the tabs which we don’t really care.

Q5 Rear Deck Handle Lock Tab     Q5 Rear Deck Handle Lock Tab

3. The latch cover on the rear lid doesn’t have to come out like the A8.

Q5 rear latch rubber cover

4. If you get the same unit as mine (which all other ones should come from the same manufacturer), you need to add the yellow wire to the top empty slot right above the RED wire slot for the display to work. The Yellow, Red and the fuse wired must be tied together for the system to work.

Yellow Power wire connection     Yellow, Red and Fuse wires tied together

Yellow and Red Wires location     Yellow and Red Wires location


The best is to watch this 33 minutes video from the beginning to end.

Use $53 Wifi Mirror Link Box for displaying Navigation for the Front Camera Input.



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