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An Open-Circuit Test On MMI 2G MOST Bus and VCDS Read Out Results

May 28, 2016 / 4,323 views

Audi MMI 2G & 3G MOST bus is very simple but yet very hard to diagnose which components connected to the bus is faulty due to the serial optical connections. If the system is not thoroughly tested and diagnosed, many good parts can be replaced in the process. This is a simple test just show that an open circuit caused the system looked bad and VCDS report shows many non related failures.

If the head unit 4E0 035 729 failed, I would check all the Polarized capacitors for short, burnt (bulging top).

I could see drop down voltage regulator (LP3965ES) or Maxim1634EAI that would be a failure if there’s a surge in power.
Since there’s NO video display DS90CR285MTD – LVDS controller must not have power –

Head Unit 4E0 035 729 Circuit Board

MMI 2G Diagram

VCDS Output Results on an Open MOST bus AMI circuit     VCDS output results on working MOST bus

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  1. Hello,

    My MMI2G show the Audi Logo but then nothing.

    Is it possible to have a Optical cut if the control panel number 1 is broken?

    Thank you for sharing your experience

    1. No, control panel doesn’t do that, only optical components that are broken. Buy optical loops and start checking each component – First, check all the fuses before doing anything else.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I will check the fuses!

      2. Hi unfortunatly I don´t find the 60 amps fuse you show on your recommended. MAybe you have an advice? My batterie is not in the trunk.

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