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Looking For The Best Audi A5 Convertible

August 26, 2020 / 32 views

It’s been 7 years since we’d had our Red Audi Cabriolet. Audie is growing up fast and she wants another so she can go to Prom with it although she’s only a junior now. I and my wife can use the car until then, because we do love Audi Convertible. The A4 was discontinued since 2008 and the A5 took place in 2010 but the new facelift started in 2013 with new LED strips instead of bulbs, it does look more modern and up to date. Like every other car, I do research while looking for the best car and deal. The RED car again is desired although not many of them exist and they’re gone fast even with higher prices. The sweet spot seems to be 70k-80k miles. 

2010-2012_A5_LED 2013-2017 A5 LED

2010-2012 A5 CVT REAR LED 2013-2017 A5 AWD REAR LED

-A5 Convertibles come with 2.0T unless we go with RS5 or S5 with 3.0T or 4.2FSI which we don’t really care for, our car will be for simple pleasure and not hot rod. We test drove the 2.0T and it’s quite quick for us, especially our daughter.

-There are 2 transmission versions: CVT and Quattro, our last CVT, many people had transmission problem although we didn’t encounter but we like the Quattro this time. The CVT FWD is the lower version of A5.

There are 3 trims, Premium, Premium Plus and the Prestige, in between there are S-line and Sport which has the sport seats and stiffer suspension. The Prestige comes with ventilated seats and blind spot monitoring which the seats can’t be like the one in sport version.

Prestige_Ventilated_Seat Sport Seat

Premium Plus with MMI 3G Plus has 7″ screen and single DVD navigation. 6.5″ MMI 3G will have concert radio on the dash console.

Premium Plus with MMI 3G Plus and Keyless Start Premium MMI 3G 6.5" No Keyless Start

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