NextGen OBDEleven Pro Supports both Android and iOS

To scan and clear codes for our Audi and VW cars, there are many OBDII devices out there for us to choose from. The most popular one is VCDS and now we have alternative OBDEleven and Carista, OBDEleven just came out with the NextGen Pro version dongle that supports both Android and iOS. I like this one because I have iPhone XR which works quite well. I don’t use OBDII much although I have VCDS also. This OBDEleven Pro is portable and conveniently in my daily iPhone app. One thing about OBDEleven is it’s paid once and not monthly like Carista or limited cars VCDS. was good, but this one is better since it supports both, I bought an Amazon HD8 inexpensive one to use as an Android device. On the iOS that I’ve tested, we can use it to code some popular functions like Open/Close windows and sunroof with the Key Fobs, enable Hidden Menu or Green Screen, enable VIM to watch Video while driving. The only thing I haven’t been able to do is the retraction of electronic brakes for rear brake installation on iOS, but I’m sure it will be updated soon. The YouTube video will show how to do these functions in details. All the OBDEleven dongles use Bluetooth to access smart phone Apps.

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