Please Check Navigation DVD

10/25/2018 I ordered a new dvd drive made for BMW same model M2 5.6. I received it in 13 days from China.  The zif connectors for the controller board were different, same pins but upside down. I used the same original controller and it works perfectly. The price was only $120 shipped from AliExpress. I rather to buy a new drive than buying a used one with condition unknown.

2018-10-16 The Navigation DVD in the A8L D3 is really bad, the “Please Check The Navigation DVD” more often. So I took it out, opened it up and cleaned it… NO DICE. When it’s acting up, the chances are we need the new drive. I ordered one from China, hopefully it will work.

If you have Navigation option on any of your Audi, you would see the message on the MMI screen “Please Check Navigation DVD” one time or more.

Please Check Navigation DVD

 Today afternoon, it’s 95 degrees F in Northern California, the navigation started to “initalize…” instead of going directly to the destination, then the “Please check navigation DVD” appeared. I reset the MMI (tel + big knob + northeast button together) and it didn’t help. Went to the trunk, the navigation bay was HOT, ejected the DVD and re-inserted, it didn’t help. Put an older 2010 DVD, it came up, but cauldn’t navigate to new address and failed to load old addresses. So it seemed, if we upgraded to 2012-2013 navigation DVD, we can’t use the 2010? Anyhow, came home, open the trunk, let the air to come out the Navigation bay for a while, put back the 2012-2013 DVD in, the MMI read the DVD and asked to upgrade with new software, I let the MMI did its quest and voila, after the software update from the DVD, the navigation is back.

So, it does seem like the navigation DVD doesn’t like heat, and it’s good to keep all the old DVDs, burned a few copies, tried all of them. But it’s the temperature either too cold or too hot, it doesn’t like it.

Don’t just take to the shop, buy new DVD and new player… But if you have the money, try to help the economy, then it’s OK.


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