Should I upgrade from A8L D3 to A8L D4?

Finally my sis and her husband got a 3.5 years CPO 2017 A8L D4 with 13k miles on it for $50k from Pacific Audi in Torrance, CA. The car has most of the options they wanted – Executive package, driver assistant package and in pristine condition.

After driving the newer 2017 A8L, I couldn’t tell much difference in comfort, stability and handling between the 2 A8L. I like the full blown massage seats in the newer one, but not a good reason for spending much more money to trade in my 2006 A8L. I felt Audi has been short changing the A8 D4 customers, these are the things that should be offered, at least on the 2017:

  • Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capability, my 2017 VW eGolf has it and we love it.
  • Bluetooth streaming with songs displayed on the MMI screen is great, but missing the skipping songs control on the steering buttons, my 2017 VW eGolf has it.
  • No Parking Assistance.
  • The back up camera is worse than many cheaper cars, no high resolutions.

2006 A8L 2006 A8L

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