Lies Lead To Debt Problems

Sometimes, someone pointed out the real problems of people who are heavily in debt and it’s so obvious. The bottom line is that when you’re in debt, you’re the problem, fix yourself instead of making excuses for spending more money and getting more debt. People with debt problems tend to share a common costly trait:

The Nine Ways to Guarantee Success

I watched James Altucher on TV a few times and I really like the guy. He does have something good to say all the time. Browsing through his website and I found this article which is great, IMO. I really blew it and everyone knows it. I was even asked to speak at some conference

French Toasts By Chef Audie

At least one weekend a month, Chef Audie cooks french toasts for breakfast. She doesn’t like to eat french toasts that much, but she sure like to prepare and play with them, especially with her helper on the side, Brandon. He’s a little older now, and he wants to participate. We do enjoy the cooking