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The Nine Ways to Guarantee Success

June 22, 2011 | 568 views |

I watched James Altucher on TV a few times and I really like the guy. He does have something good to say all the time. Browsing through his website and I found this article which is great, IMO.

I really blew it and everyone knows it. I was even asked to speak at some conference about Failure on I think June 13. I might’ve deluded myself into thinking I’m the keynote speaker. But I might just be on a panel. I don’t know. Hopefullly I won’t fail at it. But if I do I hope you can all come and watch it happen in slow motion. By the way, my favorite technique in public speaking is to slightly slur my words but that’s another post.

I’m like Dr. Failure. I know exactly what you need to do if you want your wife to hate you, if you want to get thrown out of school, if you want to lose your investors $100 million. If you want to lose your home, and so on.

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