Whale Watching In Monterey Bay

My wife company has a picnic every year, this year was whale watching in Monterey Bay, it was a great experience.

A Joke About Dongles Cost Jobs

These days, there are so many people with so much self-importance due to loneliness, insecurity, sadness or whatever the case may be, cause problems for others. There are always 2 types of people, positive and negative, the positive one will think the glass is half full and the other, half empty. The positive one will

Facts About Sinkholes

There are sinkholes that can swallow the whole house or bed and cause death. Are we safe with our house from sinkholes? There is an article on Yahoo about sinkholes. Facts about sinkholes In case the link is no longer exist. A gaping, 50-foot sinkhole that took the life of a Florida man, Jeff Bush,

Buy Used Or New Cars?

Yesterday, while we’re going to the market, my wife noticed a small little car was on the test drive with the price $14999 sticker on the front windshield.  A young girl was test driving it and seemed very excited with the car. I looked at the car and told my wife that car should be