Kim Son Monastery In Watsonville, CA

Budha Statue Outside Kim Son

It was on a rainy Saturday, I took my 88 year old mom and her 80 year old friend on a field trip to Kim Son Monastery in Watsonville, CA. This is the first time I visit this place although I’ve heard about its beauty. It’s about 65 miles from Belmont CA where I picked

Why Tiger Woods Was The Best

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has been the icon of Golf for so many years, motivated so many kids to try Golf. These video shots show why he’s been the best for so long… Until…  

What We Should Know About Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Symptoms Compare

There’s so much panic in the world with Coronavirus COVID-19. I compiled a few videos for some info about this virus by somewhat credible people. People are so far as to practically bought everything off the shelves from COSTCO thinking that America may shutdown their town just like in China. There are so many myths