Kim Son Monastery In Watsonville, CA

It was on a rainy Saturday, I took my 88 year old mom and her 80 year old friend on a field trip to Kim Son Monastery in Watsonville, CA. This is the first time I visit this place although I’ve heard about its beauty. It’s about 65 miles from Belmont CA where I picked up my mom. The road to Kim Son is quite beautiful with trees and narrow winding roads, but it’s a wonderful drive. We didn’t know the place was closed due to renovation, luckily, a resident monk saw the 2 old ladies and invited us in for lunch and enjoy the statues inside. This place is quite grand, especially when it’s done renovating. My mom and her friend really like the field trip even in the rain. After the Kim Son visit, we decided to drop by Tam Tu in Morgan Hills, they both didn’t like the way the Monastery treated them.


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