iPod Touch Went Through The Washer – Dead Then Alive

The amazing quality of the iPod Touch 4th generation. My son forgot his iPod Touch 4th generation in his pocket and it was washed by accident. After we took it out, the power was off, no charge (we did plug it in to charge), the device was totally dead. After 2 weeks, I saw the

Watch Out For Dealer Scams On Autotrader

Normally, we get scammed on free advertising website like Craigslist, but not on paid Autotrader.com. Especially the scam artists advertised as legitimate dealers, with real websites, cars and all the right stuff. The only thing that raises the flag is the outrageously lower price for beautiful cars. Like they say “if it’s too good to

Car Extended Warranty Regardless Of Mileage Or Inspection?

I had received many phone calls about warranty for my old cars with over 90k miles for a few thousands bucks which would includes everything and without inspecting the cars. Why? Because according to their records, my cars had been well maintained from dealer’s records (which dealers records). Anyhow, there are someone that I know

Internet Scam On Cars

2012-07-05Talk about being naive and totally greedy, it’s me, while I was looking for an A8 in 2004. Most of nice 98 A8 was about $15k, there’s this 2000 from ms. Molda Gunter for $14k and free-shipping. Again, I woke up after a while, here are all the emails between me and a nice lady

Green Card Lottery Scam

America is a great place to live and many people from other countries love to settle here permanently and they do apply for the green card. One of my friend who’s in Germany and did apply for a green card in the US. He’s just received a letter from the “US Department Of State” notified