Audie Volleyball Highlights Of 7th Grade At Thornton Junior High

Audie loves to play volleyball in 7th grade at Thornton Junior High. She enjoyed every practice session, every meet during the year. I did coach her a few things, I told her every bad serve is a set back for the team, so make sure you have 100% good serves. Forget the fancy moves, you can

Thornton’s Volleyball Team Lost To Walters Junior High At Home Court

I went to Walters Junior High to watch Thornton Volleyball team played in their home court, Thornton lost due to complaints that the court was so small and the ceiling was low. This time, at Thornton home court, the ceiling is high and the gym is huge and familiar. Like I would say at work, instead

Skiing Seasons…

The best thing about living in Silicon Valley is skiing in the Winter. We’re about 4 hours drive to the Sierras. Audie & Brandon were taken skiing for as soon as they’re 4.

2016 California Presidential Election Results – Trump vs Clinton

America is NOT just California. California Propositions: 51 K-12 and Community College Facities – YES 52 Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program – YES 53 Voter Approval of Revenue Bonds – NO 54 Legislative Procedure Requirements – YES 55 Tax Extension for Education and Healthcare – YES 56 Cigarette Tax – YES 57 Criminal Sentences & Juvenile Crime