ESPP-Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Majority of companies in Silicon Valley are publicly traded companies, if we work for these companies, we should be offered something call ESP (Employee Stock Purchase) or ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan) every 6 months or a year. It’s a benefit program that allows Employees to buy company’s stocks at a 15% discount from the […]

5 Mistakes You May Be Making In Your 401k

I do monitor mine quarterly with the market conditions, I cashed out to money market when dow was 14000 and got back in when it was 9500. I think this is a great article for people who don’t monitor their 401(k) much. BTW, it’s still your money. Yes, the people who manage 401k and mutual […]

Bank Of America and Warren Buffet

Mr. Buffet helps so many investors and mutual funds to get out BAC (Bank of America) at 47% higher than the 52 weeks low price of $6.01. Yes, Mr. Buffet doesn’t lose money often, but I think this is the one just to help his friends before BAC tanks totally. As I understand about stock […]

The Nine Ways to Guarantee Success

I watched James Altucher on TV a few times and I really like the guy. He does have something good to say all the time. Browsing through his website and I found this article which is great, IMO. I really blew it and everyone knows it. I was even asked to speak at some conference […]