February 8, 2016 / 64 views / 2016 | Investing

FANG – FaceBook, Amazon, Netflix and Google

The market is going back to a few months ago, the DOW is trying to hold 16000 and NASDAQ is free falling to new low, but seems to find a low today. In August of last year, I got into the market when it hit 15,600 and sold everything at 17,800 when it couldn’t get […]

August 25, 2011 / 600 views / Investing

Bank Of America and Warren Buffet

Mr. Buffet helps so many investors and mutual funds to get out BAC (Bank of America) at 47% higher than the 52 weeks low price of $6.01. Yes, Mr. Buffet doesn’t lose money often, but I think this is the one just to help his friends before BAC tanks totally. As I understand about stock […]

June 22, 2011 / 552 views / Finance | Investing

The Nine Ways to Guarantee Success

I watched James Altucher on TV a few times and I really like the guy. He does have something good to say all the time. Browsing through his website and I found this article which is great, IMO. I really blew it and everyone knows it. I was even asked to speak at some conference […]